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Medical Residency Day Provides Students Hands-on Experience
Posted 3/2/20

Student using VR technology

Davis Magnet School partners with local medical experts to host the annual Medical Residency Day for sixth-graders. As the culminating event of studying the human body curriculum, Medical Residency Day provides hands-on learning experiences with science professionals. student dissecting a sheep heart

Funded through the Davis Parent Teacher Association and Foundation, Medical Residency Day offers knowledge, experience, and inspiration to help students gain a more robust understanding of the human body. 

The day includes student’s rotating through three different medical experiences led by medical experts in the respective fields:

  • Led by Brain Surgeon Dr. Louis.l. one session allowed students to operate virtual and augmented reality technology to experience how doctors prepare for brain surgery. This is the same technology that fighter pilots use to practice flying.  Dr. Louis also incorporated the importance of mindfulness and positive self-talk which connects with Davis Magnet’s school-wide focus.

  • Led by University of California  Professor Ms. Bottino, students in the second session conducted a sheep heart dissection to give students a real-life perspective on the bodily functions that they learned about in class. 

  • Heart Surgeon Dr. Castellanos demonstrated an aortic valve replacement procedure, as students interacted with the surgery tools to learn their proper handling and purpose.

“This day is a great way of bringing classroom learning to life, by incorporating technology and real-time application,” said Mrs. Holman, a sixth-grade teacher. “Students express to me that it’s one of the highlights of elementary school,” she said.

Throughout all the sessions was an emphasis on goal-setting and continuous learning, which was a great reminder for students to see that even doctors prioritize continuous learning and growth.

Students examining surgical tools