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Pilot Cup

Young boys and girls wearing the Pilot Cup orange shirts are on the field.

Welcome to the Davis family of coaches. We have a long history of success here because of great families, great kids, and great coaches who want to impact the youth of Costa Mesa. Thank you for stepping up to guide these kids in this fun and exciting tournament. There really is no tournament like it as it brings together our scholar athletes in a competitive and fun environment. Great memories and friendships will be made for players of all levels.

To give a brief overview of the Pilot Cup: It’s a soccer tournament after Memorial Day for all students enrolled in the elementary schools of the Newport Mesa School district. The Pilot Cup separates the players into a 3rd/4th grade division and a 5th/6th grade division for each gender. The teams are then separated into Bronze, Silver, and Gold teams based on soccer talent level. There are no specific guidelines from Pilot Cup as to how to determine if your team is Bronze, Silver, or Gold as they use past results and Davis Coordinator’s input as the two main factors to assess your team’s category. 

Pilot Cup Coaching Manual