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Suggested Dress Code

At Davis, we feel that the school day is a professional day for students. We have found that the way a child dresses often affects his/her relationship with peers and can assist or detract from his/her success rate.

We strongly recommend that all sweaters and jackets be clearly labeled with the student’s name to help prevent loss of clothes.
Listed below are some guidelines that may assist you when it comes time to make those purchases for the new school year and in helping your student make the best choices when dressing for the school day:

Suggested Spirit Wear

Mondays: Wear your favorite sports jersey day
Tuesdays: College Spirit Wear Day (each class has an adopted college)
Wednesdays: Wear Green for Waste-Free Wednesdays
Thursdays: Spirit Wear Day
Fridays: Davis Magnet School Spirit Wear Day

The general standards for appropriate dress for boys and girls are as follows:

  • Clothing must be clean.
  • All attire must be modest.
  • Shoes must be practical so that students can run, jump, and kick while involved in physical activities on the playground. This means that tennis shoes or other closed-toe and closed-heel shoes are appropriate.
  • Shorts are appropriate if they are the type designed for play and the highest point of the hemline reaches students’ thumb when their arm is at their side. Very short, tight shorts are not acceptable, nor are shorts that are oversize or baggy.
  • Makeup is not to be worn by elementary age students.
  • Jewelry, if worn, should be small and non-distractible.
  • Sunglasses are not appropriate unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Hats (particularly baseball caps) must be worn in the standard manner and are not permitted to be worn indoors at any time. Hoods are not to be worn indoors. Hats may be worn forward facing when outside.

Clothing considered inappropriate:

  • NO clothing that advertises beer, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • NO clothing with offensive or distasteful words, pictures, or slogans (offensive would be defined as anything that is obscene, contains racial or ethnic slurs, or propagates violence or products which are illegal).
  • NO shorts, mini-skirts, or dresses where the highest point of the hemline does not reach the students’ thumb when their arm is at their side.
  • NO chains are to be worn from the belt loops of pants.
  • NO oversize baggy pants that show undergarments.
  • NO inappropriate shoes, including open-toed shoes, flip flops, heels, and platform shoes.
  • NO spaghetti straps, crop top shirts, halter tops or bare midriffs. Shoulder straps must be at least one (1) inch wide.
  • NO undergarments should be visible.
  • NO distractive hair color may be added to hair for either boys or girls; inappropriate hair styling is unacceptable.
  • NO roller blades, skateboards, razors, or “heelies” NBPD 602 (J) (K) allowed on campus. They will be confiscated.

When a student arrives at school wearing unacceptable clothing, the parent will be called and requested to bring the appropriate clothing to his/her child.