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Collective Commitments

At Davis Magnet School, every parent/guardian will:

• Ensure that your child is in school every day (except for child’s illness)

• Ensure that your child is at school on time every day

• Ensure that your child in school until the dismissal bell every day

• Be primarily responsible for your child’s behavior and attitudes

• Be your child’s first and most important teacher

• Ensure that your child is in good health

• Ensure that your child complies with school rules and behavioral expectations

• Ensure that your child does his/her homework

• Ensure that your child continues reading and learning away from school

Stay informed:

• Visit school website frequently.

• Visit classroom teacher website frequently

Be actively involved in your child’s education. Attend five school functions:

• Back to School Night

• Fall Conference with your child’s teacher

• Curriculum Day

• Spring Conference with your child’s teacher

• Open House

Have open lines of communication with your child’s teacher:

• Talk with your child’s teacher

• Call, text, or email your child’s teacher

• You and your child’s teacher both want what is best for your child: You are partners together for your child

Parent Volunteerism at school:

• Volunteer to assist with the teaching of Physical Education classes

• Volunteer to assist teachers in the classroom

• Volunteer to assist with additional adult supervision for students at recess time

• Volunteer to host play of board games: chess, Scrabble, etc., at recess times

And at home:

• Volunteer to assist your child’s teacher from home or work in a variety of ways

Support of Davis Magnet School:

• Time (volunteerism)

• Money (donations, if possible)

• Check to see if your employer offers matching donations to your child’s school

• Materials

• Positive communication with the community

• Parents are encouraged to join our Davis Magnet School PTA each year

• Parents are encouraged to become active participants in our PTA

• Parents are encouraged to purchase school spirit wear

• Parents are encouraged to purchase adopt-a-college t-shirt

• Parents are encouraged to dress child to comply with school dress themes

• Parents are encouraged to send child to school every day wearing tennis shoes

Parents are encouraged to dress your child each day of the week by theme:

• Monday is sports day: Sports team wear, jerseys, etc., any team, any sport

• Tuesday is college/university wear day: Each classroom adopts a college/university

• Wednesday is Wear Green Team and/or green for Waste-Free Wednesdays

• Thursday is CMMS/CMHS Spirit Wear Day or wear CMHS school colors (green, white, black)

• Friday is Davis Magnet School Ducks Spirit Wear Day (or our school colors: orange and black)

Discuss with children how science, math, and technology are connected to their daily lives:

• Expose children to science, math, and technology (museums, family field trips, etc.)

• Thursday Folder: review student work, read messages, provide signature of receipt

• Science Math and Technology parent experts are encouraged to volunteer at school

• Examples: Career Day, Lunch and Learns, classroom presentations, assemblies, etc.

• Parents encouraged to become familiar with the scientific topics (State Standards) covered in curriculum

• Encourage the continued learning – and practical application -- of science, math, and technology when not at school

• Talk about Earth, Physical, and Life Science with your child

• Science at home: cooking, physical exercise, health, nutrition, etc.

• Encourage the use of math flash cards, math games, and math puzzles. Talk about math with your child

• Encourage math skills while working with money, making change, etc., in everyday life situations

• Encourage building and designing with LEGOs


• Model appropriate technology use for your child

• Monitor your child’s use of computer, texting, social media, etc.

• Encourage your child to explore all facets of appropriate technology use

Watching TV to learn:

• Science Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, etc.

• Watch TV on mute and “read” TV

• Put the TV on mute and turn on the closed caption (The result: your child will be reading while watching TV). Try it. You will like it!

Develop your child’s skills for success:

  • Daily Homework, 365 days per year, every year:

• Be sure to read aloud to your child or be sure your child is reading for at least 20-minutes each day, 365 days per year, every year

• Be sure to work with your child or be sure your child works on mastering basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) for 10-minutes each day, 365 days per year

• Promote academics, self-discipline, and good behavior

• Encourage continued growth and development of written and spoken English

• Provide a place at home to do homework

• Check your child’s homework, but don’t do the homework for him/her

• Pack up backpack and have it ready to go near your door

Expectations for every parent, student, teacher, and staff member at Davis Magnet School:

• Do your very best

• Do what is right

• Treat others the way you want to be treated

• Take personal responsibility for everything you say

• Take personal responsibility for everything you do

Student may be placed on probationary status for continued enrollment at Davis Magnet School or may be dis-enrolled from our school, according to the District Transfer Policy:

• Academic concerns (Lack of academic effort to learn)

• Behavioral concerns

• Excessive absences (10 or more for the school year)

• Excessive tardies (10 or more for the school year)

• Excessive sign-out earlies (10 or more for the school year)

• Other concerns